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Frank Ducote, one of our regular Urban Design instructors, was a consultant on the nearly completed Main Street Showcase Project in Vancouver.

The entire 8km corridor was selected as one of the region’s Transport Canada/TransLink)/municipal Showcase projects to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions; in this instance by making changes that would make bus service more efficient and dependable.

Tamim Raad at Translink, Winston Chou in the City of Vancouver Engineering Department, and Phil Scott of the Planning Department were the key project participants for their respective agencies.

Main Street Showcase

Here’s a sketch for the tree grates entitled “Fins, Feathers, Fur and
Flowers” that are now being installed in Mid-Main area (around 21st to 24th
Avenues). I also designed the paving concept and various sidewalk stamps,
the themes of which vary by the fronting uses on the street. Public art is
yet to come.

Main Strete grate

The Main Street Project is a great example of addressing a big issue in small ways. By making dozens of little changes, the result is a change in the way people view their local neighbourhood, how they use transit, and ultimately how they lower their carbon footprint. But because the changes are relatively minor, they don’t get as much public profile. Still, these are details which when put together change the big picture.


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