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September 11, 2007 at 2:38 pm Leave a comment

I’ve often heard it said (though I haven’t been able to find a citation) that the maximum length of time for a commute to work is 40 minutes. Whether in ancient Rome or contemporary Toronto, whether by foot or by limo, 40 minutes is it. After that, people make changes: they move, they change jobs, they change mode of transport.

Well, it looks like Toronto has a minute to go.  FromCanWest:

OTTAWA — Canadians are spending more of their lives getting to and from
work — a whopping 12 days a year, according to a new study.

Based on data from the 2005 General Social Survey released by Statistics
Canada on Wednesday, commuters spent an average of 63 minutes a day
making the round trip, the equivalent of nearly 275 hours of commuting.

Toronto commuters topped the charts, with residents there suffering an
average 79 minute round trip — roughly 340 hours a year or two solid weeks.

Then this:

Vancouver, on the other hand, has remained steady over the last decade,
with round trip commutes holding at about 67 minutes last year.

Average travel time in Canada’s major cities:

Toronto — 79 minutes
Montreal — 76 minutes
Vancouver — 67 minutes
Ottawa-Gatineau — 65 minutes
Calgary — 66 minutes
Edmonton — 62 minutes

So how come Vancouver bucked the trend of increasing commute times? What’s going on here?


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