The Question – Answers 6-9

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More responses to Jesse’s question:

Harry Harker in Red Deer:

My 2 cents of advice is … Take a fine arts course or two that teach sketching, use of color, and working with landscapes; add to that or balance that with sciences that allow the student to better understand the “hard side” of the urban world; and lastly get a good grounding in history and geography so the meaning and importance of “place” can be appreciated early on.

Terry Crowe in Richmond, BC:

Speed reading, typing, public speaking, negotiating, writing, editing, strategic planning, visioning, urban land economics, planning, statistics.

Marilee Hill:

I think language and public speaking abilities are very important.

Alastair Kerr:

As for high school courses, there are the obvious ones: geography, art and even some construction courses to know how buildings work. Oh, and did I mention English?

Scot Hein:

Focus on the visual arts and learn how to draw (everyone can be taught). Travel and observation (seeing vs looking) through photography and sketching is essential. All towards landscape architecture as the best place to pursue urban design interests (Allan Jacobs has written extensively about this). Also, get involved in civic discussions. Attend charrettes and zoning meetings. Visit an architect. Here is an interesting website by a close friend that may also be of interest (I invited her up for a City Programme event many years ago).
Surf the net on “built environment education” for lots of other stuff.


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