The Question – Still More Answers (10-12)

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Still more recommendations and responses to Jesse’s question:

Michael Geller:

I would encourage a student in high school and university to study art, geography, and how to think creatively. I order to succeed in the latter, (s)he should read as much Edward de Bono as possible!

Michael von Hausen

Best to take art to learn how to draw, geography and socials to understand the physical and social dynamics of cities, math for basic understanding of quantitative measurement of cities. Science can help too, especially biology to understand nature in the city.

Matt Flynn in San Francisco says:

English – writing of all types, including business writing (spelling, grammar, vocabulary) and (memo, contract, letter, emails, etc)
Drawing – both artistic and drafting ( most people have not developed their hand drawing skills these days)
Computer Programs- Sketch-up, all of Adobe Suite, all of Microsoft Office (or similar) and Auto-cad
Design – Graphic, Photo, and Web
Marketing – Many issues are similar to outreach approaches in Urban Design projects
Travel – Study abroad, learn your area and details, photo library of places you know (this will be useful as you build it longterm)
Study – Take The Simon Fraser “City Program”


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