The Best of All Possible Transit Exchanges

August 21, 2008 at 7:29 am Leave a comment

If you’ve ever been to the Coquitlam Loop just off the Lougheed Highway, you might have observed the contrast between the heavily used bus exchange – a woeful asphalt desert – and the nicely appointed West Coast Express station on the other side of a fence, visible but out of touch, that’s only used for a few hours during the day.  Or the contrast between a $10-million Millennium Line station and the standard bus stop.

It only reinforces the idea that buses are a second-class form of transportation – even though they carry the majority of transit riders. 

So what would a first-class bus exchange look like? 

A consultant working on an SFU bus loop is asking for ideas.  Add your thoughts to the comment section in this post.

Here’s a suggestion seen in Freiberg, Germany. There at one of the transfer points was a kiosk that not only provided reading material and snacks but also … beer!

It’s a beginning. 


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