Integrating Bicycling and Public Transport

November 25, 2009 at 2:44 pm Leave a comment

When Rutgers University prof John Pucher was last in Vancouver, he gave a stirring speech on cycling, the podcast of which went viral.  (You can find it here.)  John also took the opportunity to check out how cycling integrated with our public transport. 

He and colleague Ralph Buehler have just puplished a definitive paper on bike-transit infrastructure, comparing cities all over North America, in a paper for The Journal of Public Transportation.

This paper provides an overview of bike-transit integration in large American and Canadian cities. It begins with an analysis of national trends in bike-and-ride programs such as the provision of bike racks on buses, accommodation of bikes on rail vehicles, and bike parking at rail stations and bus stops.

Most of the paper, however, is devoted to case studies of bike-transit integration in six large American cities (San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington, and New York) and two Canadian cities (Vancouver and Toronto).

Much progress has been made over the past decade in coordinating cycling with public transport, but the demand for bike-and-ride far exceeds the supply of facilities in some cities. More funding, in particular, is needed to provide more secure, sheltered bike parking at rail stations and to increase bike-carrying capacity on rail vehicles.

 You can read the whole paper here 



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