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Vancouver Art Gallery Forum

Thanks to Creative Vancouver, we have audio recordings of the recent forum – a conversation on the Future of the Vancouver Art Gallery.  This was hosted at Robson Square on May 20, 2010 by the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning, the SFU City Program, and the Metro Vancouver Chapter of Architecture Canada.

The Vancouver Art Gallery is our community resource. Its future will play a significant role and have a significant impact on the future of our community.

Its future will also involve the investment of other community resources, – our government money and our public space. Our common interest is to get the highest possible contribution to our community from our resources.

The decision involves our cultural, heritage, urban design, and community development interests. It is in our interest to gather all the information and ideas we can around our interests and the opportunities we have so we can better understand the impact and contribution of different choices on three significant community resources, – our public art gallery, the national heritage building that marks the centre of our city, and the unique role and contribution of Robson Square to our community and downtown core.

Invitation to the Forum – PDF

The conversation was recorded so the observations and ideas expressed could be made available for community leaders and contributors to explore and consider.  The recording could be transcribed and a summary of the ideas and opinions expressed by the presenters and the audience made available on line for conversation and contribution by leaders from the communities of interest involved and other knowledgeable members of our community.

Recordings are approximately thirty minutes in length
Presentations by speakers – first half
Presentations by speakers – second half
Contributions from the audience – first half
Contributions from the audience – second half

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Model Communication

Frank Ducote, working with Michael von Hausen in Edmonton, where they instructed in Visual Communication, sent in some photos of the class in action.

“As hoped and expected,” said Frank, “people were quickly able to move from analysis to ideas with this hands-on method. These models came alive in less than half an hour.”

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Dan Burden – the Rees Summary

Stephen Rees sums up Dan Burden’s talk – Active in Action – on his blog.

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Patrick Condon’s new book

With admirable clarity, UBC Professor Patrick M. Condon discusses transportation, housing equity, job distribution, economic development, and ecological systems issues and synthesizes his knowledge and research into a simple-to understand set of urban design rules that can, if followed, help save the planet.

Using the Vancouver Region as his case study he compares and contrasts the problems and progress of this region with those of other North American urban areas. Of particular new importance is how city form aects the production of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

Patrick Condon explains this relationship in an accessible way, and goes on to show how conforming to seven simple rules for community design could literally do a world of good. Each chapter in the book explains one rule in depth, adding a wealth of research to support each claim.

Time: 5:00 – 6:30pm, Monday, May 10th, 2010

Venue: SFU Harbour Centre, 1305 Teck Gallery Lounge
515 West Hastings Street

RSVP: Click here 
to RSVP for this event.

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