Jarrett Walker: on congestion

July 26, 2010 at 9:27 am Leave a comment

A succinct post by ‘Human Transit’ blogger Jarrett Walker on vehicle congestion (and why transit doesn’t reduce it).  He also explains what does.  (No surprise: road pricing.)

Great line: “Current road pricing policy [i.e. free] requires motorists to save money, a renewable resource, by expending time, the least renewable resource of all. ”

Even better, he defines five indirect ways transit addresses the impacts of congestion .  One I hadn’t thought of: “Surface exclusive transit lanes  … improve the performance of emergency services. “

Emergency response should be one of the strongest and most obvious cases for surface transit lanes.  Motorists understand the need to drop to a low speed in school zones, to protect the life of every single child.  Why do we not accept come degree of delay to save a child who may be dying somewhere else, because the ambulance is stuck in traffic?

Expect this kind of insight at Jarrett’s City Program lecture – A Field Guide to Transit Debates – on August 4 at 7 pm, SFU Harbour Centre.  Still some seats available, but probably not for long.

And while you’re at the SFU City Program site, you might check out the Urban Design and Sustainable Community Development certificate program sites.  Still open for registration too.


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