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Next City Conversation on Aug 16: Urban Food

The Romance and Reality of Urban Food

When: August 2, 2012
Time: 12:30-1:30 pm
Location: Harbour Centre, Room 1600

You sit down to a dinner of locally grown food, incredibly fresh and direct from the farmer, flavors bursting in your mouth. A meal doesn’t get much more satisfying or romantic than this.

And that romance is much of the attraction, but part of the problem. Local food isn’t just about the farmers and the consumers. It’s about land, costs, hard work, and a bunch of people we don’t think about but who are vital if this exuberant return to simpler values is to be sustainable.

If it fails, are we back to processed corn, sugar, and fruit rocks picked green in South America and ripened with ethylene gas? How do we keep your enjoyment in, and the well-meaning mistakes out?

Our presenters are Peter Ladner, former City Councillor and author of The Urban Food Revolution: Changing the Way We Feed Cities; and Tyson Reimer, co-owner of Woodland Commissary, which provides kitchen space for food entrepreneurs.


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Certificate Programs deadline – extended to Sep 4

Application deadline extended for the Urban Design and Sustainable Community Development Certificates

We are still accepting online applications until September 4 for Urban Design and Sustainable Community Development. Apply by September 4 and you will still qualify for the 15% Early Bird discount on all core courses if you pay in full by September 5. 
Sustainable Community Development Certificate
Urban Design Certificate

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City Conversation for July 5: Do we know how to party?

Do we know how to party?

When: July 5, 2012 Time: 12:30-1:30 pm Location: Harbour Centre, Room 1600

Can Vancouver find the sweet spot between No Fun City and Public Riot? What does the city need to be more vibrant, yet maintain a reasonable decorum? More programming, or more public spaces for expression? What’s the role of the city, of private groups, and of artists? How do we build a More Fun City?

Setting the stage for this conversation, just a year after the riot, will be Jerry Dobrovolny, Vancouver’s Director of Transportation; Andrew Pask, founder of the Vancouver Public Space Network; and Charles Gauthier, Executive Director of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association. Then it’s your turn.

Please join us, and bring your lunch.

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